Get Dynamics CRM Organisation ID to manage AD groups

Once again, I’ve taken control of a (few) Dynamics environments, each having been setup slightly differently (Account per service, single account across all services, user accounts as services, a mixture of all) and in most cases the reports throwing errors at various stages (With the queries/fetch XML/sql returning the correct data/report during previews)

The most common issue I’ve had to fix thus far: Accounts not in the right AD security groups. Multiple CRM deployments over time, none of the groups being renamed and no sort of maintenance work going on. This bit will show you how to find the current GUID for each of your live groups..

First things first.

  1. Open SQL Servver Management Studio
  2. Connect to your CRM DB and run the following query on one of your ORGANISATION databases (xxx_CRM)

This will give you 3 returned columns. The GUIDs returned here are very important.


  1. Expand a column
  2. Look at the data will look like: DOMAIN\ReportingGroup {90b6e98b-7723-4a4e-a38b-f52472a5686f}
    1. The GUID is important here.
  3. Open up AD.
  4. Search for an account you need to fix the groups for.
  5. Add the account to the group with the correct GUID
  6. Remove it from the rest (If applicable)
    1. Even delete the old security groups if you know they’re not being used.

Probably about it.


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