Dynamics CRM – Goals or Reporting?

One thing I’ve learnt whilst living in the world of Dynamics CRM is that KPIs are nice. They can be used for both good and evil.

I also love reporting. I am quite capable of writing SSRS based reports in SQL or FetchXML and quiet happy getting the layout fully functional.

A report which I usually get asked to make is a Case Summary report, who in team XYZ has solved what cases, and how many. (Dave has cancelled 10, solved 20 and the customer with the most cases in… Bob Smith Inc) – Great report, quick to knock up and usually provides a lot of detail, there’s also no need to do any manual refreshing (Just run the report and you get live stats)

In my world, that’s a great way to get information. But what if you don’t have anyone who is competent at writing reports? What if your only option is to use Goals and not go near reporting and are willing to deal with ‘Recalculations’ and a tonne of configuration.

(Ignore the view used, it’s an example of what you can do)

Lets take ‘Number of Cases to be solved’  – It’s basically a mix of advanced finds and playing around.



Number of Cases to be solved: 



Goal Metric:



Rollup Query (Actual):



If you can get that far, then you’re good to go. A lot of options, a lot of options. Not putting steps on how to achieve, screenshots should be enough






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