Dynamics CRM 2013 – Development environment..Environments?

Dynamics CRM 2011 and Dynamics CRM 2013 both are nice little web apps, both do their job and are pretty simple to install on a single machine with 8Gb RAM… Assuming you don’t care about the performance of SQL Server, have a DC, don’t mind not using SharePoint and not using anything heavier than NotePad++ (AKA: Only doing customisations and configuration)

In the real world, a development environment is fluffy subject. I could build a whole (Configuration/Customisation) CRM solution using Dynamics CRM 2013 online, creating the necessary solutions and then deploying to my local/corporate instance  – Hell, could do this with Dev and UAT in 30 day cycles.

Realistically? You need more than 1 machine and want to do a full development for SharePoint and CRM?  The minimum would probably be 3 (If you want basic performance)

  • Dynamics CRM 2013 & Visual Studio
  • SharePoint 2013
  • SQL Server (Instanced. Not 1 instance for SQL and CRM) & DC

The fact you can’t (…) install both CRM and SharePoint on the same server makes this a little easier, as that’s 2 machines you need off the bat.. Justification for above?

I’m never going to reboot SQL Server or the DC = 1 server.
SharePoint 2013 and CRM don’t work together = 1 server (Plus SharePoint loves stealing resources)
Dynamics CRM and Visual Studio = Just so there’s no fluffing around with remote desktop, access to the GAC etc.

So 3 machines needed for basic development… Want to use TFS? 😉


NB: Am aware I’ve used the word ‘Machine’, could have used ‘VM’ or ‘Server’ as well.. But you get the point.



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