Custom Ruleset

My DOTA2 thoughts
February 6, 2014

Custom Ruleset

Death and 0HP:

  • When you hit 0hp/drop, you start rolling death saves (DC10 check for success)
  • 3 failed death saving throws leads to permanent death (aka: character re-roll)
  • Success brings you back to 0hp.
    • Success with a critical role resets your death count back to 0/3. (If you roll a 20 with 2/3 death saves used, you reset)
  • If you are hit when you are at 0, you only ‘die’ when you get to half-hp below 0. (100hp is max hp, 0hp is down, -50hp is death)
  • If you are given a potion at -20hp, you reset to 0hp and then gain the HP from the potion.

Skill challenges:

  • You cannot use the same skill twice in 2 rounds (1 round arcana, 2nd round different skill, 3rd round arcana)
  • You cannot use the same skill the person previous to you used.
  • You need to justify why you’re using the skill in order to progress the challenge (“I roll perception” isn’t valid. “I roll perception in order to figure out what the enemies are doing in order to plan for X action” counts)
  • Natural 20 is a pass, even if the DC is more than 20.
  • You need to meet X passes for a success.
  • If you meet X failues, you fail.

Skill checks:

  • Skill checks (e.g. “I roll persuasion”) need to either match/be above the objective DC (difficulty class) – e.g. you need to role above X on the dice))
  • Matching is a succes
    • E.g. if you match a DC15 with a 15 on a dice roll, you hit.
    • If a NPC/Enemy matches your check, it counts as a hit.

RP and abilities:

  • You can use abilities for RP purposes, especially in situations where it seems like there’s a “dead end” / You don’t know what to do.


  • A short rest is required to restore HP.
  • A long request is required to restore healing surges, dailies.
  • Classes with meditate only need 4 hours for a long rest.


  • Not tracking for anything non-serious.
  • You cannot fit a house in a bag of holding (There’s a 2ft entry)

Stealth and Sneak Attacks:

  • You need to role a stealth check to become hidden.
  • Advantage to the role if you’re covered, standard role if partially covered, disadvantage if NPCs/Enemies can see you (This rule it to be changed, depending on how exploitative it is)
  • Sneak attacks need to be done either behind an enemy, or if you are in stealth.

Status effects:

  • You cannot be “Double effected” (There’s no such thing as ‘double poisoned’)
  • Resistances apply to attacks. If you have a resist of 5 fire, you take 5 less fire damage from a fire attack.


  • Rolling with advantage: Roll 2D20, take the highest.
  • Rolling with disadvantage: Roll 2D20, take the lowest.
    • Rolling a natural 20 on a disadvantage cannot be taken, unless you roll 2 20s. Lowest has to be taken.
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