Got the parts.. Didn’t take anywhere near enough photos though. My bad! Doing a cleanup of cabling etc in the future so will dump more photos when I get them, but for now…


Cooler assembly was fun. Had to get the woman involved. Thing was huge, literally just about fit into the case.












RAM clearance was quite close for my liking! Just be warned that if you want to get the 2nd pair of RAM in (2 and 4) you need some really low Clearance RAM.











Not bad once it was mounted into the case though.Takes a fair bit of room up. But is okay for initial air cooling.











Power supply is a little beast.. Certainly enough cables.


Cooler and GPU mounted. Only issue is that the cooler takes over the first PCI-E slot.. Lucky I have 4 of them then, eh? Dual/Tri-Crossfire in the future?


As said above, didn’t take enough photos. Will do a “before and after shot” when it comes to the next set of installs/mods. Notes of what I learnt/stuff worth knowing and future plans below:


  • Cabling is a bitch. Lots of cable management in this case, but I still made it really messy. Need to do a lot more planning
  • The PSU cables (even though there are a lot of them) are quite horrid to sort out. Ended up having to re-position them all after I got everything in. Great PSU (Quiet as anything) but certainly needs micromanagement.
  • Cooler was huge. Would have been nice if the instruction manuals told you how to actually take the fans off without feeling like you were going to destroy it. Instruction manual is good enough to understand. Had to have the GF screw parts of it in though as I couldn’t reach inside..
  • GPU is hench, long (1.5cm or so left on the right) and you need to fill both power slots. Didn’t realise that till I read the manual (n00b), but works absolutely fine now.
  • RAM is RAM, it can only go in 1 way.
  • CPU was easy, did the whole “As big as the resistor” thing with the thermal paste, works a treat

The Future:

  • Mesh on the side and top to be stripped down to bare metal then painted green or red
  • CPU and GPU both going under water. (Single loop or dual loop)
  • Going to go for a dual radiator setup. Might need a case mod to go push/pull on both, especially with the length of the GPU.
  • Will buy a fan controller and fill the case up with more fans. Quiet & high pressure 4tw.
  • Second GPU is likely, but not for a long time (r9 290 is probably enough till 2016…)
  • New monitor then dual monitor setup, not eyefinity though. Unless I can get a decent gaming screen with Freeview built in.
  • New keyboard and mouse
  • New desk.


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